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What is the problem now? Mr. Prast Tamang is indien citizen, if Nelpalis said he would be a Nepali than this is wrong because Mr. Tamang is from Darjeeling/India.
Other question with Buddha: Lord Siddharda Gauthama Buddha is born as Prince of Kapilvastu in 624 before Chr. in Lumbini, now some kilometers north of the border of India in Nepal. Since Nepal is the state including Lumbini Lord Buddha is born in Nepal. Nobody knows if Lumbini was in 624 before Chr. a part of India, nobody can say today what was the border in north of India like the border today.
Buddha was born from a prince as his father and Maja Devi as his mother, therefore he was a citizen of Kapilvastu, this is no Nepal and no India.
If you take the princip of citizenship depending from the locality of the birthplace you are again in the difficulty that nobody knows today what Lumbini was part of India or Part of Nepal. Therefore today Nepal is not claiming any part of India or indian properties, because Lumbini is a part of Nepal and not part of India.Look at thh map.

Why reently declared Indian Ideal Mr Prasant Tamang is considered as Nepali ratherthan Indian? I saw in news papaers and sites, he is from Darjleeing and working as police, neither he has Nepalese citizenship nor nationality is Nepalese, so how a worldwide propaganda made by Nepalese that he is a Nepalese? Isnt a double standard? once, the Indian media reported that Budha was Born in India but Nepalese protested agianst it but why now you peoples are claiming the indian propertises as nepalese?
This makes it possible to poloniex api documentation create to poloniex api documentation ols for managing accounts and analyzing data to poloniex api documentation get the most of out of Poloniex. An what problem do you will se because so much ethnically minorities come in the past to Nepal? We all knows that must of peple since 2000 years comes to the land where is today the state of Nepal.
Must important for all groups in Nepal is only that they all will have the same rights and chances for health, education and welfare independent from any ethnically group. All Nepali citiziens must have the same rights.
It is without any sense to look in the history, only a good politic for the whole peole today is useful for all Nepalis.I hope that the 7 parties and the mMoists will take now there responsibility to fulfill the obligation for the nation and for all people.

> In another hand you nepasle people are still not feeling even shame to say that the indegenious Madhesi people is from India? what a shame? I think majorities 80% people were migrated from India, all Bahun, Chhtri, Sudra & Baisya are historically Indian, they migrated from India.

> > Dear Anilisa, I think that the answer to your question who is Nepali is very simpel: in all states of the world people is only member of the state if he is citizen.
> > So Madhesi or Pahadi are Nepalis if they are citizens of the state Nepal.
> > But I see in this field no problem: the Sherpas came about in the years from 1400-1500 from Tibet to Khumbu, they are ethnically tibetan people, also the language is very similar also today. After unification of Nepal 1768 by Pritvy Narayan from Ghorka, thanthe King of Nepal, we have the state of Nepal. If Madhesi came like Sherpas from an other country (Madhesi from India), than they are citizen of Nepal if they stay for ever in Nepal.
> > Madhesi and many other groups in Nepal are ethnically no Newar or part of other majorities. But Nepal has so many groups of minorities that I can not see who is the Problem.
> > If the people from other states is for long time in Nepal and this people is not citizen, than this people is not Nepali, we can see this group in the refuggee-camps of tibetan poeple, since 1959 they came from Tibet after chinese armee concered Tibet, but I think most of this refugies are always tibetan and not Nepali.
> > If we have minorities in the country like the Madhesi, and this group is Nepali, than I see the only problem that the government must see for this part of nation that they have same rights and chances like all other parts of ethnic groups, we have so many groups (Rai, Limbu, Gurung, Thamang, Sherpa etc.)without the difficulties.
> > Nepal must see in the new constition that all groups, also minorities, have same rights and chances like in our constitution German Grundgesetz.
> > Peter
> > Who is Nepali/Nepalese?
> > > How to know who is Nepalese? Are the people living in Nepal are all Nepalese or the citizens of Nepal are only Nepalese? If I go through second argument and say if all the citizen of Nepal is Nepalese than why there is crosscutting issue that whether Madhesis citizens are pure Nepali or not even though they have citizenship and living in Nepal since decades like other non-Madhesi? I have read the majorities Pahadi and Madhesi groups both were migrated from India in the past though, how come some hilly people are blaming that Madhesi are the Indian people or less Nepali? Some people living in Bhutan with Bhutanese citizenship and nationalities, some in India with Indian citizenship and Indian nationalities and also plenty of similar situations exist in UK, Burma etc ,even though why they are considered as pure Nepali despite neither they have Nepalese citizenship nor Nepalese nationality? I expect my answer in professional way with fact and rationale logics. Thank you for your help in advance.

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